Friday, July 30, 2010

Sony Vaio N, SZ Series

There are so many Sony vaio laptop series available in different models, shapes, weight, features, and design.

Sony vaio laptops are very recent in Sony laptop, and they paly a vital role in the purchasing of Sony laptops. There are the Sony vaio N series, Sony vaio SZ series, Sony vaio UX series, and others.

Amazingly, Sony vaio laptops have been made with an improved Intel Core Duo processor, which has given it a faster speed in order to increase speed of getting tasks done.

And again, Sony vaio laptops come is a stylish, and durable form, giving consumers a feeling of security. I also know that Sony laptops are not very expensive as compared to other laptop manufacturers.

We will be using the Sony vaio N series laptop as a case study in this regard.
Apart from being a strong laptop notebok, it has also achieved a record in style, and elegance. An example of the N series is the Sony vaio VGN-N130G/B. When you look at the specs of this laptop, you will discover that the Sony vaio laptop have actually achieved a great deal.

This Sony laptop uses a Windows XP operating system, and weighing about 6.8 punds, i find it good enough for home user.

It is loaded with many features ranging from its 80 GB hard drive to its 1 GB RAM which is upgradable to 2 GB.

Also having a lot of ports connection, you might want to take a look through them. It is not also left out in its wireless network system, memory card reader, and its Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950.

They just seem to be good enough for ay reason which you purchase it for.

Sony Vaio SZ, TX, AR Series

Sony laptop are one of the frontliners in laptop production. Sony laptops have achieved quite a lot in terms of design, quality, performance, durability, portability, and other features.

Sony laptops such as the Sony Vaio SZ, Sony Vaio TX have a remarkable performance. They possess a long battery life of over 5 hours, and that is exactly what mobile users are looking for. If you have a Sony laptop irrespective of what model it is, i can guarantee you that it has many multimedia features than some laptops such as Nec, and others. The Sony Vaio AR Laptops have a remarkable hard disk drive space of about 200GB which is very enough for you storage needs. What do you need to save, that can not fit into the hard drive?

This sony laptops (Sony Vaio AR Laptops) are very strong mobile laptops that can be used anywhere inasmuch as you can switch it on.

Also the AR series laptops feature a HDMI output which gives you an opportunity to view HD movies on a HD compatible TV. This is the bomb! If you have an HD compactible TV, all you need to do, it connect to it, and you can view everything you want. It also gives you a cinema view of your stuffs, or movie.

Having any Sony laptop among the Sony Vaio TX series, you will discover you have an ultraportable laptop of about 1.25kg. It is really remarkable, combining portability, high speed, strength, durability, and all other features together.
You are advised to go get your own Sony laptop.

Sony laptop battery

Sony laptop battery types also comes in various packs but a typical Sony laptop battery may be compactible with so many other Sony laptop models. But take note, these batteries are categorized by the laptop series. A sony laptop battery meant for an A-series will not be compactible with an SZ-series laptop.

Examples and specifications of these laptop batteries are:

Sony Vaio A series laptop battery - An example of this battery is the PCGA-BP2EA battery.

This Sony laptop battery has a lithium ion cell, with an 11.8 Volts, and 4400 mAh. Note that this laptop battery is not compactible with the Sony Vaio VGN-A617B, but it is compactible with several other laptops. It will be good if you find out if it is compactible with your laptop.

Sony Vaio FE, FJ, FS, S and SZ series laptop battery - A single sony laptop battery will be good for laptop notebooks in these series.

This laptop battery is very compactible with so many laptop notebooks in these categories.
It possesses a lithium ion cell, with an 11.1 Volts, and 4400 mAh.

If you have a Sony laptop notebook that needa a battery replacement, it will be very wise if you ask for a battery that is compactible with your laptop, or rather take your laptop with you, and get it fixed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sony NEC AD-5170A-0B

Best combination of DVD and CD writing capabilities - Sony NEC - Optiarc 18x DVD +/- RW DL IDE Drive.

Sony NEC AD-5170A-0B
overall performance

Sony AD-5170A-0B
NEC AD-5170A-0B

Sony NEC AD-5170A-0B IDE Drive
Optiarc DVD/RW IDE Drive

Sony NEC AD-5170A-0B rear side view
rear side view

Sony and NEC have hit the mark with this one.

Sony NWZ-B135 Walkman

New MP3 Walkman from Sony! Black and silver case models (also available in red or blue). Bass Boost and the 5-band graphic EQ!

Sony 2GB MP3 Walkman - NWZ-B135 - USB interface
NWZ-B135 - USB interface

Sony 2GB MP3 Walkman - NWZ-B135
Sony 2GB MP3 Walkman

Sony Walkman NWZ-B135 transport controls
transport controls new MP3 player from Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman NWZ-B135 LCD screen 2GB MP3
Son NWZ-B135 LCD screen
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